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This is the book we have been waiting for! Lars Bolander's interior design and inspirations will open the whole world which Lars Bolander - a world renowened Interior Designer, Antique Dealer and taste maker has been living and creating in. On the pages of this book you will see the magic world of elegant and theatrical interiors that the designer created. A "must have" for design enthusiasts! Published by TeNeues Publishings

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Lars Bolander's Scandinavian Design

"As the trend in residential design continues to move toward pared-down, comfortably elegant, environmentally friendly homes, the hallmarks of Scandinavian design- clean, elegant lines; delicate color schemes; well-proportioned, airy spaces that maximize day-light; and a pronounced preference for natural materials - make it one of the predominant influences in interior design today. And yet, until now there hasn't been a book devoted to the signature design features - past and present - of all four Scandinavian Countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Over three hundred color photographs cover every aspect of the Scandinavian Aesthetics - from modern kitchens with all-fashioned hearths to the latest in saunas, from light-maximizing walls of glass to folk-ark-painted walls, from inviting front porches to cozy attic bedrooms.

Lars Bolander, one of Sweden's foremost designers, and author Heather Smith MacIsaac, a design writer and former Architecture and Design Editor of House&Garden, offer expert guidance and practical advice about achieving a Scandinavian look, about incorporating Scandinavian elements into any decor and mixing and matching traditional and modern, humble and grand. "Design Element" sections supply in-depth information about classic and innovative Scandinavian designs, such as the Mora clock and Danish Modern chairs. An international source list completes a book that is an essential addition to the shelves of everyone who has ever admired the subtle palette of a Gustavian room or enjoyed sitting in Arne Jacobson chair..." Heather Smith MacIsaac

Exquisite Spaces. 25 Top Interior Designers of the World. by Yue-Sai Kan

Yue Sai Kan was named by "People" magazine the most famous women in China. Yue Sai Kan -  a Chinese American television personality, author, entrepreneur, and humanitarian. In 2009 she published a coffee table book "Exquisite Spaces. 25 Top Interior Designers of the World" featuring design philosophies and tips from world class designers and their works. Lars Bolander is among them. Book includes Lars's biography and photographs of his interior projects. The bookwas published in Chinese.





The New Curtain Book 

"The New Curtain Book" master classes with today's top designers by Stephanie Hoppen, photographed by Fritz von der Schulenburg. In "The New Curtain Book" , Stephanie Hoppen interviews more that thirty of today's most innovative interior designers and presents a series of master classes intended to make readers experts on curtains and blinds. With this invaluable professional guidance, you can avoid expensive mistakes and learn how to approach each room so you can use the right window treatments to create the effect that you desire. This unique desirating book covers the whole spectrum of window treatments and integrates stunning inspiration with essential advice.... Stephanie Hoppen

Lars Bolander is an outstanding curtaing designer. Window treatments can change the whole image of the space. Lars always conveys his elegant taste in curtain design.


Southern Accents on COLOR by Frances MacDougall with the editor of Southern Accents

In the south, where the climate and the landscape collaborate to create hues of profound intensity, colorful interiors have never really gone out of style. Frances MacDougall and the editors of Southern Accents visit beautiful Southern Homes in order to discuss the aesthetic effect effect of color vs. neutrals in interiors, look at the variety within specific color ranges, and offer suggestions on how to use color when planning a design. Southern Accents on color also includes perspectives from celebrated interior designers whose work has been featured in the magazine, complete with swatches of fabric from their favorite colorful rooms.

Lars Bolander is one of the designers whose work is featured in this book. Lars has always been drawn to colors. His favorite color is blue, but he likes to experiment and add bright red, orange, yellow and green to mention a few to his design work.

Mitchell Beazley "The Curtain Book" by Caroline Cliffton-Mogg and Melanie Paine, photographed by Fritz von der Schulenburg

The Curtain Book is a timely response to the strong and growing interest in decorative styles of curtaining, including the use of swags, tails, drapes and pelmets to add flair and character to the interior. The book provides an inspiring visual catalogue of ways to use draped and hanging fabrics imaginatively - not only for window curtains or blinds but also to ornament beds, doorways and other features. The superb color photographs has been taken all over Eaurope and America by one of the world's leading interior photographers, Fritz von der Schulenburg...Covering the whole spectrum of interior styles, from classic modern to Victorian and Empire Revival, the Curtain Book shows how to choose fabrics and treatments to create the right atmosphere for any room of the house.

Lars's beautiful window treatment work is featured in this book, showcasing the kitchen window treatments and roman shades and elegant draperies for living room.