• Lars Bolander and Nadine Kalachnikoff



         I have always loved colors, art, creating visions; so interiors was a natural choice for me.  Never did I think it would open such a world of adventure. To say that I have been extremely fortunate in life is a vast understatement. From the moment that interior designer, Gaby Schreiber gave me my first job in London at age of 23 until today.  Probably the most important factor that developed was when I went on my own - my first clients were friends.  These friends became greater friends after each project. The new clients also have become great friends an I am extremely proud of that.

         My designs have ranged from a Swedish Cottage on top of a mountain to an entire village in the Mediterranean; Island houses in the Caribbean to Greek yachts; and of course apartments in the U.S. and Europe. I appreciate that every job I have been able to work on has been exciting, challenging and fun. My clients have always been enthusiastic about my work and great motivators to try out new things. I have been able to experience happenings that few have had the honor because of my clients and friendships; we spent The Millenium “2000”  at the first private dinner ever given at the Versailles Palace since Marie Antoinette, a private viewing of the Opera “Torandot” at the forbidden City in Beijing by Zubin Mehta, deep sea diving in the Pacific, sailing into  St. Petersburg (Russia) and so much more. Thank you to all those that been a part of my life.

         As time goes by I will tell you many wonderful stories……